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22 Feb Sales Enablement Made Easy


Go beyond the classroom with the Ready&Relevant™ Sales & Presentation Skills training, and the Practice Playground™ for on-going practice and coaching.


In your highly sophisticated – yet commoditized – business, your approach to client relationships IS the differentiator. At ProImpress, our expert consulting team has worked with tens of thousands of client-facing professionals and teams to make them better at engaging clients and remaining relevant.

Here is a guide to supporting your sales and service representatives to stand out from the competition, enabling them to win even greater client confidence… and business.

Step One: Choose the Right Skills

The biggest problem with training arises when too many skills are taught and too few of those skills become habits. Focus on the core skills you want your people to truly embody. Arrange to teach those skills in the classroom. In the case of client-facing effectiveness, among the core skills your people will need to know are how to:

  • Ask compelling questions;
  • Listen with insight to hear what’s said and what’s not;
  • Present ideas and solutions in ways that are truly resonant and relevant;
  • Deal with objections as contributions that reveal buying motivations;
  • Introduce themselves memorably and credibly.

Step Two: Tailor the Training for Maximum Relevance

Learning must be anchored in its real-world context for your people to see the importance and the practicality of those behaviors.

Step Three: Depend Upon Engaging Facilitation

Getting your people up, out of their seats, engaging with one another and the content ensures that the learning is active, embodied, risky and provocative. Passive learning is NOT the approach for helping learn skills; for real skills learning to take place, the behaviors must be demonstrated and played with.

Step Four: Practice, Practice, Practice

Roleplays with lots and lots of feedback, videotaped and played back, all help your folks get the Ah Ha! Moments that inspire continued use of the skills beyond the classroom walls. This needs to extend to the real world, after the classes are over, at the point when your people are working with actual clients.

Step Five: Coach, Coach, Coach… with Leaders AND Peers!

Again, it’s key to enable practices to take place in the field, with peers and leaders helping one another to get the “good ideas” learned in the classroom to become “great habits” in the field.

At ProImpress, we provide Ready&Relevant™ Training and the Practice Playground™ for maximum learning inside the classroom… and outside in the real world! Click here for more information…