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Practice Playground- Coming Soon (online)

NuPro Training

NP_iconNew Professionals and Interns: Get ready for work!

NuPros (new professionals and interns) are coming to companies with lots of brilliance but not enough polish. Given the pace of business, a NuPro’s orientation to a professional environment is often hit-or-miss. Where can they get the guidance that’ll set them up for success?

At ProImpress, we LOVE NuPros. We provide your NuPros and interns with a clear understanding of what it means to work in a professional environment – guidelines on what to expect, and what’s expected. It’s just the polish they need to shine.


NuPro Training Solutions
  • Solve a Problem, Make a Sale: A NuPro Intro to Selling
  • Meetings@Work: Essential Skills for Initiating, Attending and Leading Really Good Meetings
  • Knives, Forks and Texting: What You Need to Know About Business Etiquette
  • Take the Guessing Out of Dressing for Work: A Collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
  • Standing Up and Standing Out: Organize Your Ideas, Deliver with Confidence
  • Write to the Top: Best Practices for Business Writing (NuPro version with coaching)
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Top 5 Challenges in NuPro Training

Do you hear yourself saying… ?
  1. Who’s going to give her the feedback on dress code?
  2. Can someone teach him how to answer the phone professionally?
  3. He’s got good ideas, but doesn’t present them very well!
  4. I think she’d be good with clients, but does she know how to conduct herself in a formal meeting?
  5. His professional memos read like personal texts. That won’t do.

Top 5 Outcomes of NuPro Training

What if you could say… ?
  1. Our new professionals look and sound like old hands in the office.
  2. Our NuPros feel more confident and informed, and that means we get more from them, faster.
  3. I’m delegating more to our newest hires; they’re ready for more responsibility.
  4. The way our new hires think is so relevant to our changing business, and now they speak our language, too.
  5. We feel good about the value of the training we offer our interns, too.