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Onboarding Training

New Professionals: Get ready for work!

NuPros (new professionals and interns) are coming to companies with lots of brilliance but not enough polish. Given the pace of business, onboarding to a professional environment is often hit-or-miss. Where can your new hires get the guidance that’ll set them up for success?

At ProImpress, we provide your newest team members and interns with a clear understanding of what it means to work in a professional environment – guidelines on what to expect, and what’s expected. It’s just the polish they need to shine.


Collaborative Selling

Meet client needs. Win more business.

In highly competitive, sophisticated businesses, HOW you engage clients IS the differentiator. The practical, relevant and elegantly nuanced skills of Collaborative Selling help your client-facing teams – veterans and NuPros alike – solve client problems, differentiate their solutions, and close business. Whether selling, servicing, negotiating or networking, your sales team will have the competitive edge they need to succeed.


SELL - Ready&Relevant© Training Modules
  • Solve a Problem, Make a SaleHigh Impact Skills for Engaging Bosses, Boards & Buyers–for NuPros and those new to sales (one day)
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Presenting with Impact

Master your message. Deliver with confidence.

If you’re like most speakers, you want to deliver presentations that are compelling and relevant, and you want your audiences to see you as trustworthy and confident. Learn critical presentation skills and processes that help you to prepare with ease and deliver with confidence. Practice – in real time with real presentations – ways to: organize and craft high-impact messages; stand up (or speak up) with confidence and credibility; create and utilize PowerPoints and other visuals; engage audiences and handle difficult questions; and influence audience members to see value and take positive action.


PRESENT - Ready&Relevant© Training Modules
  • Standing Up and Standing Out™: Part I: Organize Your Ideas (half-day)
  • Standing Up and Standing Out™: Part II: Deliver Your Ideas with Confidence (half-day)
  • The Five Hip Pocket Presentations™: How to Craft and Convey Your Core Messages for Just-In-Time Delivery (half-day and one-day)
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Facilitating Meetings

Run your meetings. Don’t let them run you.

Have you ever attended a meeting that was a waste of time? Through intensive skills practices, easy-to-remember frameworks, and real-time feedback, participants learn to conduct (and even just participate in) extremely effective meetings. Acquire practical, relevant skills for leading meetings, including how to: identify and explore key issues as a team; brainstorm creative yet actionable ideas; make sound group decisions; and gain firm agreements for action. Then enjoy watching how your improved meetings help your teams and your organization save time and money, and accomplish near-term meeting objectives as well as mission critical project goals!


MEET - Ready&Relevant© Training Modules
  • Meetings@Work Straight-forward Skills for Initiating, Attending and Leading Really Good Meetings (half-day and one-day)
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Representing Brand

Look the part. Act the part. Stand apart.

Executive presence, professional image and business etiquette are the silent supporters (or the invisible killers) of client relationships, and of careers. The training from ProImpress teaches your sales and service representatives proven, and personally-satisfying, principles of professional dress and comportment that help portray your branded messages to clients: “We care” | “Clients come first” | “We’re trustworthy.” No longer the exclusive secret-to-success for politicians and film stars, your people benefit from enhancing their professional image in order to advance their careers, and your brand.


BRAND - Ready&Relevant© Training Modules
  • Take the Guessing Out of Dressing for WorkA Collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) (half-day and one-day)
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Business Writing

Good writing RULES. (Get it?)

Do you know why you don’t wear a bathing suit into the boardroom? For the same reason that you don’t attach a meticulously crafted proposal to a poorly written cover note or email: business writing that’s more dressed up helps convey your credibility and professionalism. Learn to craft strong written communications — emails, memos, proposals, client-facing communications — that positively impact your business relationships, and your business results.


WRITE - Ready&Relevant© Training Modules
  • Write to the TopBest Practices for Business Writing
    (half-day and one-day)
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Leader As Coach

Coach with confidence. Remain relevant to clients.

Learning that’s reinforced by coaching has a 78% greater chance of changing participant behavior and improving sales performance*. Leader as Coach is a sales performance training series that enables leaders to play active, visible roles in their people’s learning process while enhancing their own ability to model and coach to those target skills. Smart, busy managers and executives learn to: astutely analyze individual and team performance, even remotely; prepare and deliver inspiring feedback, even remotely; track and celebrate progress, even remotely; and overcome resistance to success… yep, remotely, too. Undoubtedly, the sign of a capable, credible leader is one who leads by example, and inspires others to do the same. For that reason, this series also enables leaders to model the skills they’re coaching (aka: walk the talk). So what’s the bottom line on Coaching? Reinforcing excellent sales behaviors improves your bottom line.



PEER - Ready&Relevant© Training Modules
  • Peer-Coaching with IQ, EQ, BQ: Giving & Receiving Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Drama Triangle and Other Tools for Being a Productive Team Member and Supporting On-going Team Growth
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Keynotes & Webinars


  • The Sale is in the StoryTelling™: A Sure-fire Formula for Being Resonant, Relevant & Memorable
  • Asking For Referrals: Timing and Techniques for Maximizing the Good Word of Your Clients
  • First Impressions Last™: How Image, Etiquette and Communication Skills Contribute to Career Success
  • Knives, Forks and Texting™: What You Need to Know About Business Etiquette
  • Selling to the Top™: Gaining Attention at the C-suite
  • The Problem-solving Pathway™: Creative Collaboration that Moves Team Thinking from Problem to Plan
  • IQ, EQ, BQ©: The Raw Materials of Relationship Building: Part I (aka: Spinach In the Cookies)
  • Four Pillars of Integrity: The Raw Materials of Relationship Building: Part II (aka: Spinach In the Cookies©)

Top 5 Challenges in NuPro Training

Do you hear yourself saying… ?
  1. Who’s going to give her the feedback on dress code?
  2. Can someone teach him how to answer the phone professionally?
  3. He’s got good ideas, but doesn’t present them very well!
  4. I think she’d be good with clients, but does she know how to conduct herself in a formal meeting?
  5. His professional memos read like personal texts. That won’t do.

Top 5 Outcomes of NuPro Training

What if you could say… ?
  1. Our new professionals look and sound like old hands in the office.
  2. Our NuPros feel more confident and informed, and that means we get more from them, faster.
  3. I’m delegating more to our newest hires; they’re ready for more responsibility.
  4. The way our new hires think is so relevant to our changing business, and now they speak our language, too.
  5. We feel good about the value of the training we offer our interns, too.