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Case Studies by Special Focus

Read about the challenges our clients faced, and the learning solutions ProImpress provided (collaboratively, of course!). The results? Increased client satisfaction and retention. Greater revenue and profits. Better individual and team performance. Differentiation in competitive markets. Authentic connections and distinctive relevance with client.

Given the pace of business, orientation to a professional environment is often hit-or-miss. We work with employers to provide guidance and skills training that’ll set up your new hires – new professionals whom we call NuPros – for success early in their careers, and early in their tenure with your organization.

Preparing Newly Hired Team Players to Attend (and Add Value in) Client Meetings

Fortune 10 Financial Services Firm

Having navigated internships and early rotations in apprenticeships, young professionals received assignments to permanent positions, but needed grounding (and polishing) in client-facing protocols prior to fully engaging in their new roles. ProImpress delivered training on selling skills and presentation skills to ensure that these newest talents could show up professionally, engage effectively, avoid costly missteps, and feel truly comfortable working directly with clients as part of a team.

A Note to Client-based Learning Partners

Regarding New Hire Training (aka: Training for NuPros and Interns)

Our Job Readiness Passport helps you reap a higher return on time and dollars invested with young or transitioning talent. It’s just the polish they need to shine in the new job.

While highly credible and often wonderfully passionate, many physicians, scientists and other healthcare providers benefit by learning to align their speaking method with their speaking message. ProImpress appreciates these speakers. Science-minded and technically trained, they can struggle to know how to: introduce themselves briefly, and with gravitas; bring across their enthusiasm in their words, body language and tones of voice; relate the data in memorable ways, while using data-dense slided; engage audiences, stay on label, handle difficult questions, and navigate challenging group dynamics. Our programs have consistently helped this body of speakers feel more comfortable, and come across with credibility, approachability and authenticity.

Improving the Training Standard at Speakers Bureau Events

Global Pharmaceutical – Privately Held

This client wanted to break the mold on how Speakers Bureau were conducted, bring a fresh approach to preparing physicians to credibly convey the powerful significance of a ground-breaking new brand. ProImpress created an out of the box approach for conducting the entire conference. ProImpress also delivered advanced presentation skills not traditionally offered in Speaker Bureau events: facilitating audience involvement; handling tough questions; facilitating group dynamics; and working with data-dense slides. Feedback from the physician participants provided rave reviews for the workshops, and specifically for the presentation skills training.

Equipping Highly Credentialed Physicians to Inform, Engage and Inspire Fellow Members of the Medical Community (Speakers Bureau)

Several Global Pharmaceuticals – Publicly Traded

Shaking up the “Data, Deck & Delivery” elements of Speakers Bureau trainings, ProImpress delivered presentation skills that are relevant and beneficial to veteran and newly minted speakers alike. Topics include: delivery skills; facilitating audience involvement; handling tough questions; facilitating group dynamics; and working with data-dense slides. Feedback from the physician participants delivered consistently high marks.

Developing Facilitation Skills of Speakers Bureau Faculty

Global Pharmaceutical – Privately Held

Medical Science Liaisons, and other scientifically trained personnel, struggled to engage expert audiences in breakout sessions, and to lead discussions on the scientific data and the approved deck. ProImpress taught the MSLs, KEE/KOLs, and other technical experts a simple and reliable framework for conducting their breakout sessions, setting up discussion exercises, and delivering feedback on the Healthcare Providers’ practice presentations. MSLs and other faculty expressed deep relief to have a roadmap and skills to support their role in Speaker Bureau training.

Service and sales are everyone’s business in community banks. ProImpress enables entire branch systems as well as discreet cohorts to individually and collectively embrace a highly collaborative, engaging and practical approach to selling and servicing clients who are at all stages of their businesses and their lives.

Transforming Bankers into Trusted Advisors (and Transforming Their Leaders into Coaches)

Regional mid-western bank (one of 25 largest banks in the US)

Bankers and their Managers needed to increase customer acquisition and retention. ProImpress consultants trained over 1,000 participants in Trusted Advisor selling skills. Participants came from all areas of the bank, including Wealth Management teams – Trust, Investment, Retail, Business, Middle Market and Private Banking. ProImpress consulted in Public Sector, Real Estate Capital, Global Treasury Management, Commercial and Business Banking. Managers and executives were trained in both the frontline skills as well as coaching skills to sustain the impact of the training. Programs continued past the initial commitment due to popular demand and positive business results reported.


Cultivating a diversity of thinking helps teams and companies to achieve remarkable results that less diverse teams cannot attain. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) is the first step to developing diverse thinking on teams, but don’t stop there! ProImpress has helped many organizations translate their results into powerful action.

Appreciating Selling & Presenting Behaviors in Light of the HBDI Assessment

Division of Global Pharmaceutical

Leaders and frontline sales teams wanted to operate more seamlessly together when selling and presenting to clients. ProImpress trained key leaders and the cross-functional team members essential sales and presentation skills with a particular appreciation of diverse thinking as one strength and differentiator for the team in their competitive market.