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Case Studies by Industry

Read about the challenges our clients faced, and the learning solutions ProImpress provided (collaboratively, of course!). The results? Increased client satisfaction and retention. Greater revenue and profits. Better individual and team performance. Differentiation in competitive markets. Authentic connections and distinctive relevance with client.

In the financial services industry, rapid and unprecedented change — restructuring, narrower margins, and narrower margins for error — are creating a very different sales environment. Client-facing professionals in every function need new skills for successfully interacting with even more discerning and informed clients. Differentiation of services lies not in products that appear commoditized; rather in relationships that allow for genuine connection, understanding and responsiveness.
Our sample experience is drawn from insurance, investment banking/institutional sales, commercial/retail banking, and investment management/brokerage.

Forging Effective Client Partnerships

Multinational investment banking firm

Mixed groups from across the enterprise – analysts, legal, communications, human capital, financial advisors and sales at every level – were required to adopt a more client-focused approach to conducting day-to-day business. ProImpress consultants trained over 300 participants in skills to effectively forge stronger partnerships with internal resources and external clients. The relationship-building program was recognized as one of the most widely attended and consistently applied ever offered by the firm.

Coaching to Sustain Effective Client Partnerships

Multinational investment banking firm

In order to sustain the impact of front line learning related to fostering effective client partnerships, ProImpress consultants provided one-on-one coaching of high potential leaders (top 1% VPs), addressing unique leadership challenges, and enhancing leaders’ abilities to model, mentor and coach to target skills. Senior leader feedback indicated increased commitment to coaching, and increased use of target skills by front line.

Transforming Bankers into Trusted Advisors

Regional mid-western bank (one of 25 largest banks in the US)

Bankers and their Managers needed to increase customer acquisition and retention. ProImpress consultants trained over 1,000 participants in Trusted Advisor sales and coaching skills. Participants came from all areas of the bank, including Wealth Management teams – Trust, Investment, Retail, Business, Middle Market and Private Banking. ProImpress consulted in Public Sector, Real Estate Capital, Global Treasury Management, Commercial and Business Banking. Programs continued past the initial commitment due to popular demand and positive business results reported.

Increasing Market Share by Shifting to Strategic Client Management

Fortune 100 life insurance company

Retirement Services Account Managers & Leaders were mandated to double market share by delivering more proactive service with a strategic client focus. ProImpress provided customized, client relationship skills training. This resulted in a positive impact on performance metrics, such as: client satisfaction and retention; and plan health and growth.

Better Executive Presence to Influence Clients To Automate

Fortune 100 life insurance company

Naming a desire for stronger influence among Retirement Services employees, company leaders enlisted ProImpress to deliver an experiential, one-day training program with follow up webinar reinforcement. Participants emerged more confident, clear and credible among clients and colleagues.

Creating a Customer-Focused Sales and Coaching Culture

Largest life insurer in the U.S.

Senior leaders from Institutional Sales, Learning & Development, and the Auto/Home Group wanted a more results-oriented sales culture. ProImpress consultants collaborated with leaders, and trained over 100 participants in consultative selling skills, and sales coaching skills. The program was expanded based on its initial success.

Building Trusted Advisor Skills

World’s largest brokerage

Participants from throughout the organization, most notably Global Private Equity Vice Presidents and newly promoted Managing Directors, were introduced by ProImpress to skills for becoming trusted advisors. The client renewed the contract based on demand and improved client relationships.

Increasing Management Talent Pool Through Mentoring Skills

Multinational financial services firm

In order to increase diverse management talent pool, ProImpress designed and delivered a simple, structured mentoring program. The mentoring skills training included essential sales and coaching skills to support leaders, as well as sales and service teams, in Equity Financing Services, Prime Brokerage Client Service, Individual Investment Group and Derivatives Products Group.

Strategic Sales University Curriculum

American investment management fund

ProImpress consulted with, trained, and coached new hires and their leaders on effective collaborative negotiations, influence and persuasion, presentation skills and sales strategies. Audiences included Asset Managers, Financial Planners and Business Development Officers, and Learning and Development. The open-enrollment courses were consistently booked to capacity.

Team Building for Better Results (integrating HBDI Assessment Results)

Multinational financial services corporation

U.S. Commercial Card needed help to build the new USCC executive team. ProImpress engaged the leaders at the Vice President level and above, introducing skills for enhancing sales leadership success. Our program integrated HBDI whole-brain thinking methodology, giving practical, behavioral application to the theoretical results. EVP reported satisfaction with achieving the desired increase in effective team communications, and related business results.

Consulting is the privilege of those who gain the trust and confidentiality of precious (and often few) clients. In a sea of promises, those clients must discern the most promising options, and partner with the most trustworthy resources. A client’s decision to partner or pass hinges, in part, on how they experience the professional services representative and her team. Are they trustworthy? Do they understand me? Do they know more than I know? Are they reliable?
We’ve helped professions create a powerful experience for clients that serve as a harbinger of the quality, trustworthiness and reliability of the consultant’s services and products.

Enlisting The Whole Firm to Contribute to Sales Success through Client-facing Effectiveness Training

Fortune 100 Dispute Consulting & Business Advisory Firm

Market fluctuations required an all-hands response for gaining and retaining clients. ProImpress consultants worked with cross-functional groups and intact teams from across the enterprise – analysts, legal, communications, human resources, consultants and sales at every level – to introduce a common framework and vocabulary for better engaging clients, designing competitive solutions, presenting as a team, and delivering results. The project was extended to include an even broader audience with client-facing responsibilities.

Championing a Consistent Pursuit Management Process During a Period of Rapid Acquisitions

A Multinational Professional Services Network

Rapid acquisitions meant a confusing mix of legacy approaches to client management for this firm. ProImpress consultants delivered the training on client-facing interaction skills, including how to identify, qualify, engage and close business opportunities. This program became a staple of the Advisory University curriculum.

Leveraging The Whole Firm Through Team Selling

Big Four Services Firm

The Corporate University learning partners, in response to a business imperative for significant growth, wanted to develop the ability of cross-functional teams – tax, advisory, audit and risk – to produce larger, consistent wins. ProImpress delivered high energy, practice intensive courses in teambuilding and consultative selling, resulting in greater cross-functional collaboration and team competence.

Dynamic Team Selling (tailored)

Cultivating Team Health and Development for Achieving Aggressive Growth Goals

Big Four Services Firm

Seasoned leaders, having strategically assembled talented cross-functional teams, wanted to build trust with their teams, and among team members. ProImpress trained top level and mid-level management to adopt a strong “ownership mindset,” and a consistent coaching practice.

Leader as Coach (tailored)

Pharmaceutical companies, facing the challenges of limited patents and significant regulation, maximize the impact of their marketing efforts by developing the sales and presentation skills of their technical sales teams and their physician representatives.
Sample experience drawn from our work in Pharmaceuticals, Hospital Systems, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, and Medical Diagnostics and Devices.

Improving the Training Standard at Speakers Bureau Events

Global Pharmaceutical

This client wanted to break the mold on how Speakers Bureau were conducted, bring a fresh approach to preparing physicians to credibly convey the powerful significance of a ground-breaking new brand. ProImpress created an out of the box approach for conducting the entire conference. ProImpress also delivered advanced presentation skills not traditionally offered in Speaker Bureau events: facilitating audience involvement; handling tough questions; facilitating group dynamics; and working with data-dense slides. Feedback from the physician participants provided rave reviews for the workshops, and specifically for the presentation skills training.

Equipping Highly Credentialed Physicians to Inform, Engage and Inspire Fellow Members of the Medical Community (Speakers Bureau)

Several Global Pharmaceuticals

Shaking up the “Data, Deck & Delivery” elements of Speakers Bureau trainings, ProImpress delivered presentation skills that are relevant and beneficial to veteran and newly minted speakers alike. Topics include: delivery skills; facilitating audience involvement; handling tough questions; facilitating group dynamics; and working with data-dense slides. Feedback from the physician participants delivered consistently high marks.

Developing Facilitation Skills of Speakers Bureau Faculty

Global Pharmaceutical

Medical Science Liaisons, and other scientifically trained personnel, struggled to engage expert audiences in breakout sessions, and to lead discussions on the scientific data and the approved deck. ProImpress taught the MSLs, KEE/KOLs, and other technical experts a simple and reliable framework for conducting their breakout sessions, setting up discussion exercises, and delivering feedback on the Healthcare Providers’ practice presentations. MSLs and other faculty expressed deep relief to have a roadmap and skills to support their role in Speaker Bureau training.

Positioning Value and Bringing Insight for Sales Representatives with Seconds at Stake

Global Pharmaceutical

Front line sales reps needed reliable methods for grabbing and keeping physician attention in ways that elevated their sales interactions from free donuts to valued insights. ProImpress consultants taught a powerful, efficient framework for delivering compelling, physician-centered messages, and for expanding the quick pitch into a substantive conversation. Participants reported feeling more prepared to make a difference in their limited time with physicians.

Elevating the Selling Skills of Top Producers (who were surprised they could learn something new)

Medical Devices & Equipment Manufacturing Firm

Sales leaders fretted over lost market share in the face of a new competitor. ProImpress delivered nuanced skills training that enabled top tier producers – with highly technical mindsets – to recognize micro-moments in their interactions with clients that enabled them to differentiate themselves, their services, and the perceived value of their established product. The morale of the team, and their confidence and competence in the face of the changing market, increased significantly.

Training & Coaching New Hires and Technical Experts to Serve as Collaborative Advisors in Their Client Relationships

Medical Devices & Equipment Manufacturing Firm

Sales leaders wanted newer sales associates and technical resources to understand how to transform their role from product-pusher to trusted-advisor-and-collaborator with physicians. ProImpress combined coaching training and frontline training to create a sustainable learning pathway that steadily and reliably shifted client relationships. Leaders reported better bottom line results.

Equipping Highly Credentialed Physicians to Inform, Engage and Inspire Fellow Members of the Medical Community (Speakers Bureau)

Several Global Pharmaceuticals

Shaking up the “Data, Deck & Delivery” elements of Speakers Bureau trainings, ProImpress delivered presentation skills that were relevant and beneficial to veteran and newly signed speakers alike. Topics included: delivery skills; facilitating audience involvement; handling tough questions; facilitating group dynamics; and working with data-dense slides. Feedback from the physician participants delivered consistently high marks.

Today, solutions have a dangerously short shelf life, constantly at risk of becoming commoditized, technically out dated, or functionally irrelevant. The speed of change in business is unprecedented, rapidly and reliably presenting threats to business-as-usual… and full of opportunity for the most adaptive, the most continuously relevant. Those who know their clients well, listen intently, and position their services and solutions in ways that ring true… they stand out in the crowd. By coming across as connected and relevant, they win the business.
Our sample experience illustrates how our clients adapt to new challenges by adopting new skills for client-facing effectiveness.

Improving Presenter Clarity and Confidence

Premium Cable and Satellite Television Company

At-large employee population needed greater impact in presentations to bosses, boards and buyers. Highly engaging presentation skills training invited participants to experiment with a quick, easy, proprietary tool (the aPATH) for organizing strong, succinct messages. Practices involved extensive, playful video-taping with peer-feedback. Originally engaged by IT Infrastructure Project Planning to train her team after she experienced the training program for herself.

Getting More From Meetings with Facilitation Skills Training

Premium Cable and Satellite Television Company

Finance department wanted more return on time invested in formal and informal meetings. Real world meeting agendas are used to bring across key skills for all types of meetings, from team huddles to regularly scheduled meetings for advancing long-term projects.

Repositioning Internally-focused Talent to Lower Costs in Established Markets

Top 10 Diversified Hospitality Company

Senior executives saw the potential for the creative-side of the house to add greater value in face-to-face and teleconferenced client- and prospect-meetings. ProImpress introduced the creatives to crucial client interaction and presentation skills, including extensive video-based practices with peer-feedback. One participant reported having saved thousands of dollars of re-work in a single meeting because of his improved ability to draw out and respond to his client’s concerns.

Coaching Internally-focused Talent to Support Them in Their New Roles

Top 10 Diversified Hospitality Company

ProImpress trained the managers of the creative teams to effectively model and coach the new target skills for successful client engagements, and to increase behavioral accountability. Executive leaders tracked a marked increase in coaching sessions and employee engagement.

Enhancing Global Leadership Impact and Influence Through Stronger Presentations

Top 10 Diversified Hospitality Company

Executive leaders wanted their diverse, global leadership to develop consistently strong communication skills for inspiring employees, advocating for innovation, and delivering key results. Starting with the most senior leadership in the organization, ProImpress consultants trained and coached over 500 senior leaders on five continents to more systematically deliver thoughtful, engaging messages to internal and external clients, with more gravitas and in less time. Using video feedback and engaging in intensive eight- to 15-minute private coaching sessions throughout a group-training program, participants significantly improved both their abilities and their confidence.