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Why We’re in Business

The speed of change in business today is unprecedented, rapidly and reliably presenting threats to business-as-usual. Today’s solutions have a dangerously short shelf life, constantly at risk of becoming commoditized, technically out dated, or functionally irrelevant. The need to be highly adaptive and clearly differentiated is particularly urgent in client interactions, where competitive distinctions can be difficult to distinguish in a crowded market.

What We Do


ProImpress is a full-service training design and delivery consultancy. We work hand-in-hand with you to tailor training that supports your client-facing representatives and leaders to enhance their competitive advantage through authentic connections with clients and continuous relevance.

Our Passion

We know sales people. We respect them. We appreciate their tenacity, and laud their resilience. We are in business to support their success. Our goal is to support sales professionals to be authentically connected and continuously relevant when interacting with clients.

At ProImpress, we started with – and remain committed to – providing processes, skills and tools to the ever-important sales professionals who operate at the frontline, as well as the leaders who support (and love) them.

In time, our focus grew to include any professional whose expertise and excellence require them to engage with clients and others – clients, colleagues, leaders, bosses, boards, buyers, community stakeholders, shareholders, press – to solve problems, create possibilities, and drive business success.

Really though… who doesn’t sell? Today, our expertise is relevant across organizations. Everyone sells at some point in his or her career… and more likely throughout a single day! We teach processes, skills, tools and technology-supported offerings that support authentic, conscious client-facing and colleague-facing interactions for anyone who needs to influence a process, present an idea, or close a deal.

Think outside the box: when training your sales reps and service providers, include your data-savvy subject matter experts and your administrative personnel! They meet clients, too.

About Our Founder & Consulting Team


Molly96Since 1985, Molly has trained and coached tens of thousands of client-facing professionals, teams and leaders in consultative and collaborative selling, presentation skills, networking, negotiating, meeting facilitation, and sales management. Her functional responsibilities have included: sales representative (many times over); sales leader (with P&L, ROI and planning accountabilities); course designer (with a uniquely powerful approach); meeting facilitator; training facilitator; key note speaker; founding entrepreneur and business owner. Among her most treasured certifications is her Leadership & Transformation Certificate from the Hendricks Institute on Conscious Living & Conscious Loving Skills. The company Molly started in 2008, ProImpress, is a women-owned design-and-deliver learning consultancy focused on client-facing effectiveness training for global organizations. WBENC certification is pending.


Each consultant at ProImpress has between ten and thirty years of professional experience. Collectively, we’ve worked around the world training tens of thousands of with client-facing executives and individuals to expand their skills and polish their style for better business results. Our experience includes sales, sales management, and corporate training, coaching, and consulting. We come to our clients prepared to change behavior in ways that enhance an organization’s client relationships, and positively impact their bottom line.