ProImpress | 10 Reasons To Love Sales People…
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12 Feb 10 Reasons To Love Sales People…


Add your reasons to these ten, and surely we’ll have 100!

I love sales people. In 30 years of coaching and training client-facing professionals on sales and presentation skills, I’ve noticed some wonderful qualities commonly found among these lynchpins-to-business. Here are ten of the many reasons why I respect and enjoy this savvy breed.

  1. Sales people enjoy people. They especially enjoy their relationships with clients. They like to listen to their client’s good stories, and to tell a good story in return. Some of the stories are about business; over time, many become personal.
  2. Sales people get that it’s about connection. With compassion, genuine focus on the client’s best interests, and an appreciation for the person behind the title, sales people understand that access and trust cannot be overrated.
  3. Sales people are intrinsically motivated. Across the board, I’ve seen how a majority of front line rainmakers tend to be intrinsically motivated to succeed. They don’t wait to be told what to do; they proactively make it happen.
  4. Sales people like to win. They like to compete, want to be the best, love the pursuit, celebrate the win, and genuinely appreciate the energy needed to get to their goals.
  5. Sales people are no nonsense. Factors about sales jobs – such as quotas, weekly reporting, commission-based compensation, bonus-based compensation – might be part of the explanation for the straight forward nature of many sales professionals. They know how to cut through distractions to close business.
  6. Sales people are relevant. They only get a second audience with a client when they can add value. This makes them fun and interesting to converse with!
  7. Sales people don’t make excuses. They help make the top and bottom lines happen – or they get in the way – and everyone knows it!
  8. Sales people steer clear of drama. They focus on solving problems, not creating them.
  9. Sales people are accountable. Their quotas are tracked. Their teams and leaders hold them accountable. Their clients give regular (often loud) feedback.
  10. Everyone sells! No company can afford to sustain employees who are not in service to clients. No matter how deep any of us is in the back office, and certainly on the front line, the sales person in each of us must keep the focus on clients and revenues. And that’s certainly lovable!